May 20th, 2007


Урра! Про нас пишет уже зарубежная пресса!

The Altai scientists arrived at the meteorite craters
expedition "Kosmopoisk" found in Rodinskom area meteorite .
During searches landing celestial body were interviewed residents of 50 settlements, said expedition leader Vadim Chernobrov.
Their stories help professionals clarify azimuty falling meteorite. As a result, passing the southwest of the Altai region, the researchers discovered near the village Razdolnoe pain Students stones - meteorite fragments.
At the crash site of the largest fragment formed deeper, suggesting the high speed of falling celestial body. All stones were found oplavleny, transmits Interfax.
Researchers are ready to donate a portion of their findings to local museums, said Chernobrov. Meteorite fell in the Altai region in January. He watched people Uglovskogo and Rodinskogo over the province.
Found at the scene of falling rocks sent to the examiner to Moscow.(с)
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